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give yourself a massage as a gift during your stay at Can Elisa.


Disconnecting from the daily routine, enjoying nature and relaxing are the core values ​​of Can Elisa Tarbena.

To completely relax, it is possible to book a massage during your stay at Can Elisa. The massage is given in your accommodation or on the terrace of your accommodation. Treat yourself and book a massage.

With the maseuse you can discuss what is best for you, a classic Swedish massage, deep, sport or a pain point massage. Of course, a combination of techniques is possible.

Swedish massage (classic)
In a Swedish massage, oil or lotion is used on the bare skin. A Swedish massage consists of a mix of gentle stroking movements, warming up and loosening the muscles and applying pressure in strategic places.

Deep massage
When your muscles are cramped, the circulation of oxygen and blood is locally blocked. A deep tissue massage ensures that the energy can flow freely again. By massaging away every blockage and tension.

Sports massage
A sports massage is a massage that is mainly aimed at the recovery of the body after a sports performance. For this reason, a sports massage is aimed at removing waste products and supplying building materials to the muscles.

Pain point massage
With this form of massage, the focus is on removing pain and tension.

Length massage: 1 x 30 minutes €25
Length massage: 2 x 30 minutes (couple) €40
Length massage: 1 x 1 hour €40
Length massage: 2 x 1 hour (couple) €75
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