Tàrbena – Castillo de Tàrbena, Sa Caseta des Moros

Large parts of Spain have been occupied by the Moors, the Moorish influence is clearly visible in many areas. Tàrbena has also been occupied, the Castillo is one of the structures that reminds us of this. The castles are built on locations with a good view of the surroundings, so that the Moors could see potential attackers from afar. From the Castillo you have a unique view of the village, the surrounding valleys and the mountains in the distance.

The walk to the Castillo starts from the parking lot in the village and is 3 km long. The walk is uphill and you walk in 1.5 hours (back and forth). You can find a Wikiloc route here .

The route runs past restaurant Ca’s Pelut, where you can eat one of the best Paella’s in the area , recommended!