Tàrbena – Els Arcs

It is mid February, it is the middle of winter … two weeks ago there was still snow on the tops of the mountains. The week after it was 25 degrees and this weekend it is again lovely weather. No 25 degrees, but in the sun it is enjoyable. Nature announces the spring, the almond blossom colors the fields pink and the daisies form a white carpet.

This weekend we get in the car for a ride of 20 minutes to Els Arcs, of course Lola (our dog) also along .. Just beyond Tàrbena is the starting point of the walk. Depending on where you park your car, the route is short 1.2 km or longer 2.5 km. We choose this time for the shorter variant parking the car closer.

Els Arcs is a rock formation and consists of two large arches carved into the rocks. Over the centuries the underlying porous layer of rock has worn out and the upper layer has remained. These upper layers now form these gigantic arches.