Tàrbena – Escalada (Climbing)

Every year, the 2nd Monday after Easter is a public holiday, a day honoring Sant Vicente Ferrer. As on most holidays, the supermarkets are closed and many people are free.

It is perhaps one of the finest things about our life here in Spain, being in nature. Of course the weather helps enormously, if only we can get outside. On a day off like this, the choice was made quickly …

Last weeks I have climbed, something I had not done since I was 18 years old. In the Netherlands there is almost only indoor (indoor) climbing. Around our village Tàrbena there are many possibilities for outdoor climbing, climbing routes of various levels 5+ to 9+.

So also yesterday, on the road with friends, enjoying nature and practicing, practicing, practicing … It seems so easy as you stand below but is often so heavy when you hang on the wall. It is certainly fun, so be continued!